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Is A Moneyless Society Possible?

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Zeitgeist Movement Action?
Should The Zeitgeist Movement Build Self-Sustaining Communities?

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  • Proper Building for the RBE
  • Building it Collaboratively
  • In My Humble Opinion, Alex Atuheire is a Modern-Day Saint
  • Working in an Institute System, 2
  • Working with an institute system. :)

Proper Building for the RBE

flower of life diagram

My intuition on Jacque Fresco‘s [2] Resource Based Economy

The “Flower of Life” Diagram

was that its first calling, a global inventory of available resources, was an incorrect prescription. I understand now that this was indeed slightly incorrect: a free world which utilizes all of its parts correctly involves [...]

Building it Collaboratively

Blog post contribution by Ed Che.

We have achieved a great thing to think about, with enough mind-food and things to talk about that I think its fair to say that a transition to a moneyless society is on the minds of a lot of people. Now what next? Do [...]

In My Humble Opinion, Alex Atuheire is a Modern-Day Saint

Alex 1

There are a few times in life when you meet someone that has such a great care for humanity and a deep respect for others and for life in general that it comes through in practically everything they do and shines a light on everyone around them. These people [...]

Working in an Institute System, 2

Institute based in a building in NYC. Transition to a free world could involve existing frontage.

Welcome to the future. Enter the Institute system. This is the most professional and best way to do and supply things to a free system. It’s also an example story about a day in the life in Chicago, IL.

Disclaimer: Throughout cities that I have traveled to, there’s BOTH free [...]

Working with an institute system. :)

Hi there! This is Ed Che writing travelling in Chicago currently, and the quest for worldwide freedom could easily be accomplished. Join us in advocating for an institute system, and contacting currently existing institutes, which unexpectedly and serendipitously match many of the goals of the concept I designed.

When we [...]

More Free Education Than You Ever Thought Existed (Including Nationally-Accredited Degree Programs)


In recent years a plethora of online education platforms have come onto the scene, seeking to revolutionize one of the oldest institutions in existence and provide free (or at least affordable) education to anyone, anywhere in the world, as long as they have simple internet access. Some of these schools [...]

Co-ops Making A Difference


Often times people note that multinational corporations have little regard for individuals, workers, the environment, and the common good of everyone and everything on the planet in general except for themselves and their shareholders. However, there are some companies coming about that are putting greater value in providing workers [...]

For a Moneyless Revolution, Learning from Bees Can Help

While as not being a worker, let’s bring in a large section of the population who Does work for a living, and cleanly switch on the alternative. These beees in a corporate setting will have a little bit of a head-change: if not money, then what? Other things too, like, [...]

25 Things You Can Do To Help Create A Resource Based Economy

25 Fireworks

The prospect of a resource based economy has a lot of people excited these days, but what exactly can we do to create a world without money? Here are 25 ways that you can use your time, energy, and resources to help transition to such a society. While some of [...]

Living Without Money, Not Communism or Socialism:


Some new inventions are allowing for an unprecedented lifestyle. Now, we can make out of common common materials the essentials to create self-sustaining systems.I just wanted to write this to pre-empt anyone getting confused, on the Moneyless Society blog.

Communism is an alternative system whereby equality is stressed: the working [...]