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Is A Moneyless Society Possible?

Time To Build?

Zeitgeist Movement Action?
Should The Zeitgeist Movement Build Self-Sustaining Communities?

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Co-ops Making A Difference


Often times people note that multinational corporations have little regard for individuals, workers, the environment, and the common good of everyone and everything on the planet in general except for themselves and their shareholders. However, there are some companies coming about that are putting greater value in providing workers [...]

For a Moneyless World, Learning from Bees Can Help

While as not being a worker, let’s bring in a large section of the population who Does work for a living, and cleanly switch on the alternative. These beees in a corporate setting will have a little bit of a head-change: if not money, then what? It didn’t make sense [...]

25 Things You Can Do To Help Create A Resource Based Economy

25 Fireworks

The prospect of a resource based economy has a lot of people excited these days, but what exactly can we do to create a world without money? Here are 25 ways that you can use your time, energy, and resources to help transition to such a society. While some of [...]

Living Without Money, Not Communism or Socialism:


Some new inventions are allowing for an unprecedented lifestyle. Now, we can make out of common common materials the essentials to create self-sustaining systems.I just wanted to write this to pre-empt anyone getting confused, on the Moneyless Society blog.

Communism is an alternative system whereby equality is stressed: the working [...]

5 Things You Need To Know About The Floating City Project

floating-city seasteading

The Seasteading Institute is making leaps and bounds toward the construction of an experimental floating city. Watch the video below to see the most recent updates:



Regenerative World Building – One Community Weekly Progress Update #76

Ultimate Classroom

Posted by One Community on Friday, August 15, 2014 · Leave a Comment

One Community is regenerative world building through an evolution of sustainability that is open source and free-sharing duplicable and adaptable Highest-Good approaches to all aspects of living:

Here’s our world-change methodology We are open source and [...]

The Green Haven Project

Green Haven Group

Green Haven (“GH”) is a non-profit, charitable organization, founded by Mr. Ravinraj Gopinath & supported by the Leela Vasu Foundation. GH was set up to fight challenges faced in poverty using means of living of-the-grid & self-sufficient systems. By means of building self-sufficient communities for those in poverty-stricken countries, [...]

Introducing Project Kadagaya


Hello friends!

We are a community called “Kadagaya” that is implementing and evaluating the concepts (and particularly enabling technologies) of a resource-based economy. Our mission is to evaluate and develop the immediate implementation of a resource-based economy within the current economic and social system. Our first pilot project is based [...]

New Living Paradigm Creation – One Community Weekly Progress Update #75

One Community Logo

Posted by One Community on Saturday, August 9, 2014 · Original Material Found at:


One Community is in the process of new-living paradigm creation and facilitating global transformation through an evolution of sustainability that is open sourcing all the necessary do-it-yourself plans and steps for living and [...]

Some concept models for the A.R.K. New Horizon Learning Center


Original material from The Alliance For Reason And Knowledge found at: