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Is A Moneyless Society Possible?

Time To Build?

Zeitgeist Movement Action?
Should The Zeitgeist Movement Build Self-Sustaining Communities?

Regenerative World Building – One Community Weekly Progress Update #76

Ultimate Classroom

Posted by One Community on Friday, August 15, 2014 · Leave a Comment

One Community is regenerative world building through an evolution of sustainability that is open source and free-sharing duplicable and adaptable Highest-Good approaches to all aspects of living:

Here’s our world-change methodology We are open source and [...]

The Green Haven Project

Green Haven Group

Green Haven (“GH”) is a non-profit, charitable organization, founded by Mr. Ravinraj Gopinath & supported by the Leela Vasu Foundation. GH was set up to fight challenges faced in poverty using means of living of-the-grid & self-sufficient systems. By means of building self-sufficient communities for those in poverty-stricken countries, [...]

Introducing Project Kadagaya


Hello friends!

We are a community called “Kadagaya” that is implementing and evaluating the concepts (and particularly enabling technologies) of a resource-based economy. Our mission is to evaluate and develop the immediate implementation of a resource-based economy within the current economic and social system. Our first pilot project is based [...]

New Living Paradigm Creation – One Community Weekly Progress Update #75

One Community Logo

Posted by One Community on Saturday, August 9, 2014 · Original Material Found at:


One Community is in the process of new-living paradigm creation and facilitating global transformation through an evolution of sustainability that is open sourcing all the necessary do-it-yourself plans and steps for living and [...]

Some concept models for the A.R.K. New Horizon Learning Center


Original material from The Alliance For Reason And Knowledge found at:




Summary of UBUNTU – Energy Regeneration and Michael Tellinger Post

"Where we're going, we don't need money!"

This is a really interesting philosophy, where Michael talks about having Abundance for ALL and it’s based on Ancient Knowledge where every one contributes their natural talents or acquired skills for the greater benefit of all in the Community. Interestingly, it has African roots and is called UBUNTU. All ancient [...]

How Blueberries and a Tiny Town in Alaska Could Change the World

Chuathbaluk img 1

Chuathbaluk, Alaska

One of the most significant developments taking shape when it comes to global sustainability and community resilience will soon transform a little-known community called Chuathbaluk, tucked away in a beautiful, yet completely remote and isolated, area of southwestern Alaska, along the 700-mile-long Kuskokwim river. If you like [...]

On Living Free of Money- In Houses

It’s commendable that many of the ninety nine percent have committed to thinking about and trying to live without money. This is the way forward, and our early and mainstream adopters thinking about (and acting on) things like getting free utilities set up in houses or thinking about free rent-spaces, [...]

Urban Kibbutzim

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A number of people are waiting for Hybrid RBE communities to start up so that they can join in. My message to you is that you DON’T HAVE to wait. You can start your own community NOW. This format is called [...]