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Summary of UBUNTU – Energy Regeneration and Michael Tellinger Post

"Where we're going, we don't need money!"

This is a really interesting philosophy, where Michael talks about having Abundance for ALL and it’s based on Ancient Knowledge where every one contributes their natural talents or acquired skills for the greater benefit of all in the Community. Interestingly, it has African roots and is called UBUNTU. All ancient cultures shared this African system and they had different names for it, but it always comes down to the same thing. These ancient cultures survived for thousands of years NOT using money and they all had a similar philosophy – if it’s not good for everyone – it’s NO good at all.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did and it would be great if others could contribute and add to my notes!

We are born FREE on the Planet. The earth has been abused by its people. Control systems have been implemented to keep [...]

How Blueberries and a Tiny Town in Alaska Could Change the World

Chuathbaluk img 1

Chuathbaluk, Alaska

One of the most significant developments taking shape when it comes to global sustainability and community resilience will soon transform a little-known community called Chuathbaluk, tucked away in a beautiful, yet completely remote and isolated, area of southwestern Alaska, along the 700-mile-long Kuskokwim river. If you like The Venus Project, The Zeitgeist Movement, One Community Global, New Earth Nation, or are interested in the viability of a resource based economy or a host of other projects and organizations taking us toward a more sustainable world, then you’ll love A.R.K. and what they are doing in Alaska.

On June 14th 2014, this practically unheard-of community consisting of 150 people, mainly composed of native Yupic Indians, made an historic decision and hired the Alliance Of Reason And Knowledge (A.R.K.) – http://a-r-k.us/ – to draft a comprehensive plan and help the community not only preserve it’s unique culture and heritage, [...]

On Living Free of Money- In Houses

It’s commendable that many of the ninety nine percent have committed to thinking about and trying to live without money. This is the way forward, and our early and mainstream adopters thinking about (and acting on) things like getting free utilities set up in houses or thinking about free rent-spaces, community spaces, or moneyless businesses (see http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/thehappypig) is absolutely the way. We have to be together in local grassroots community, rather than defined by money. If now and in the past, humans divided up into little numbers, better live life more analog!

Some might take a more monastic life, or a community reality Let’s do this – perhaps land or rural sustainability? AND also, cities are important. If folks can tap into the effort (lifestyle? movement? revolution?) from where they are, then that is going to make things a lot easier for them to adopt. (“Freedom, when all you pay [...]

Urban Kibbutzim

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A number of people are waiting for Hybrid RBE communities to start up so that they can join in. My message to you is that you DON’T HAVE to wait. You can start your own community NOW. This format is called Urban Kibbutzim (u.k.), and there are communities like that existing in Israel. You can visit them or e-mail them or call them and try to find out how they are doing things.

1. You don’t need many people. You can start with only ONE other person. (Of course the more the merrier.) To start with only one other person is MY idea. The Israeli u.k. waited until they had about a dozen people. 2. You don’t need to buy land. You can live in adjoining apartments. If you want you can also have a separate apartment (maybe larger than the [...]

The QEG Free Energy Generator! …Does It REALLY Work?


Image Credit: Thinkstock.com

So the buzz on the street lately is there’s a new “Free Energy” device in town, the QEG Free Energy Generator (Quantum Energy Generator), and like many before it, it’s brewing up a lot of discussion. Obviously, in the realm of a resource based economy and moneyless society, a free energy device is like the holy grail of the technology that could get us to adopt a more humane, sustainable way of life. This would undoubtedly be the single, most momentous leap forward in our understanding of science since the discovery of electricity. However, like many devices before it, as well, there are a host of people who say that it can’t happen, it defies the laws of physics, it’s a hoax, and so on and so forth. If you listen to and believe the first law of thermodynamics, you know for certain that energy cannot [...]

Out Of The Box Interview

Recently, Out Of The Box on Above Top Secret Radio was kind enough to have me on as a guest, talking about a Moneyless Society, resource based economy, open source products, The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project, and more. Please feel free to share any thoughts or comments.


Twelve Technologies Taking Us Toward A World Without Money

12 big

As more and more jobs are shed on a daily basis, it’s no wonder why an increasing amount of people are leaning toward the prospect of a moneyless society and resource based economy. Usually, as a general rule, we, as a society, are only presented with a problem when (and only when) the solution for that problem also exists. But in this case, many of the things actually causing the problems are also going to be the very same things that give us our solutions, as well. As more and more labor is replaced by robotics and automated systems, it will only become ever more increasingly apparent that we as a society will soon have a very large disconnect between our actual production capacity and the labor needed to produce those goods. Hence, if we are to avoid complete collapse of our system, we must leave some of our old [...]

Moneyless Society Discussion Forum


Be the first to start a conversation about your favorite topic at the Moneyless Society Discussion Forum, a brand-spanking new, extensive, feature-rich discussion forum that is designed to provide an all-inclusive space for discussion about any and all aspects, projects, organizations, collaborative efforts, philosophies, technologies, systems, trains of thought, ideas, opinions, and more regarding a moneyless society and resource based economy. This is truly a discussion forum for anyone and everyone who is interested in creating a world that eliminates the need for money, debt, servitude, scarcity, etc…

Please feel free to share your thoughts and discuss any topic even remotely related to a moneyless society or resource based economy on this forum. We simply ask that you be respectful toward others and not use the forum for spamming purposes. If a topic you would like to see is not listed on the Moneyless Society Discussion Forum already, we will [...]

Why A Resource Based Economy Is Not Synonymous With Veganism

Curious Cow

One of the topics that seems to come up rather frequently when discussing a resource based economy and moneyless society is the subject of food. For instance – what types of food and food production are going to be utilized in a resource based economy, and how will all this be decided? While this is by no means a health and nutrition website, I believe this subject would be good to address, especially considering something that I experienced the other day regarding this issue.

While networking and making new friends on facebook to spread the word about a resource based economy, moneyless society, and the prospect of starting an open-source development, equal-ownership cooperative, I befriended an individual that asked if I was an RBE supporter. I replied “Yes, definitely! I take it you are as well?” This person replied in the affirmative, and then stated “and vegan, also”, as if [...]