While as not being a worker, let’s bring in a large section of the population who Does work for a living, and cleanly switch on the alternative.
These beees in a corporate setting will have a little bit of a head-change: if not money, then what? Other things too, like, we work for each other. #freenomoney Yeah, work for power? Avoid control= don’t aggro the admin!

Eventually, and it will be- helps out on these constructions. Let’s not get stung right now. More on building the virtual webhive and how you can become a part after the break:

Time to imagine:
What would a future look like where everything was provided for and a new way is incorporated on a mass scale?
So, something like Pizza wouldn’t be excluded, if this was going to include the general public.
Those who work would still, as a matter of society’s priorities, cultural disincentive to laziness, service, nurturing, healing, etc! Anyone who does do some kind of collar job gets the food they need to provide (you-pick pantry in building) for their families still, and anything else they want.
Bees are so much process oriented, that if we build a hive, and discuss these things, each contributing links to the hive – either on github

Bee Technology <3 — hive/Techonologically-meeting-the-Requirements
Let's defeat the corporation in our history, and make something beautiful.
Imagine this: This.
This post is a really good trail, and speaks to the organizers necessary for this kind of, yea, revolution: http://eddiemill.wordpress.com/2014/10/30/ecology-of-things/

Of course, this is not literally to subject ourselves to the logic of bees (Vegas! –again, going for power instead of money there works right?)
To do that would be to become like a dragonfly, which cannot distinguish between their senses and reality. Fun! Advanced! Go for it!
Huge group to join in solidarity.

They can know that, through their unpleasantness of situation and of history, they'll be included.
And perhaps be upset! That another way being possible was hidden from them!

Don’t be thinking wrong mind, like against, it’s actually a pleasant thing to think about. This evolution’s a big thing.

For the Car people: http://edche60.wix.com/201xthequest , or simply http://tinyurl.com/201xthequest
How can we transition these motors? Then a matter of free transportation. Let’s figure out something for these cars; we will in Detroit, probably retrofits for as much as the induction motor costs.

Free DMC

Tweet to me if you want to be a part of this coalition or yea, webhive, of building the necessary requirements. @eddiemill #hashtagC

Updates from Queen Lexi here:
1. First reaction: requirements. Good to build honey comb with.
2. Second, was a channeling. She crossed out the honey comb that said “money.”

We can build, and I’ll get the chance to test things there.